Беседа на тема: „Big Data и AI: перспективи за развитие“

Лектор: Христо Хаджичонев

Място: НПГ по КТС, зала 221

Дата: 10.02.2018 г. /събота/

Час: 13.30 ч.

Продължителност: 45 мин.


Визитка на лектора:

Hristo Hadjitchonev,UKTC Alumni – 87

In 2016 co-founded A4E company specialised into the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data building Analytical Platforms for small and medium enterprises worldwide.

With over 25 years in the software development industry. Spending his earlier days as a freelancer, in 1994 he co-founded Taurus – a company established to develop business software for Apple. In 1999 he moved in the start-up Rila Solutions, at that period being the first foreign investment in the IT sector in Bulgaria and for long years the most successful software development countrywide. Meanwhile, he finished his MSc in Analytical modeling of Economic systems building on top of his interest of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Mining solutions. As a Senior Developer and Architect, he delivered several products in the BI space. At this time, he had his successful stories in project management as well. In 2007, he joined HP as a Program Manager in HP Global Delivery managing some silver and gold deals for client such as Anglo American and KONE. In a short time, his passion for the BI and the Data Mining led him to Experian Decision Analytics targeting at that moment to settle development division in Bulgaria. As a Head of the Development he built a team that reached 100 software specialists delivering products with annual revenue of 80 billion USD for mathematical modeling for a decision-making and risk management, financial scorecard development, fraud prevention, debt collection and customer management. In 2013, he took the challenge, on top of his duties, to establish and manage a global team of 20+ Business Analysts responsible for the definition of the roadmap of the entire portfolio of software products in Experian Decision Analytics with annual revenue of 300 billion USD. In 2015, he was invited to join the Experian DA senior management team as Director of Projects and Operations.